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About the Air is Life Health Coalition

The Air is life Health Coalition's primary goal is to reclaim tobacco by acknowledging the importance of Dził Nát’oh (ceremonial tobacco), all while denouncing the use of commercial tobacco products among the Navajo people.   


The History

Air is Life Health Coalition, formerly known as Team Navajo, is a grassroots-based organization whose members consist of Navajo elders, Navajo youth, Navajo healers, Navajo leaders, and non-Navajo advocacy organizations. The Coalition worked tirelessly to educate Navajo leaders and communities about the importance of commercial tobacco-free policies in the Navajo Nation for many years. Then on November 6, 2021, after 4 failed commercial-tobacco free policies attempts and 13 years later,  the Coalition's hard work came to fruition when Navajo Nation Niłch’í Éí Bee Ííńá – Air is Life Act 2021 was signed into law!!!   
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